Creating a balance between agency and customer needs

Fare Collection System Assessment (Phase I) — Metropolitan Council (Minneapolis, MN)

Metro Transit, a service of the Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities, is the provider of public transportation services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metropolitan area. Metro Transit is responsible for the management of the fare collection operations for its own services, as well as several suburban providers throughout the region. The agency selected CCG to assess the current system, provide recommendations on a future fare collection solution, and evaluate system procurement options. Working with a broad range of agency stakeholders, CCG assessed the current fare collection system and identified gaps in meeting the agency’s needs. Based on this assessment, and results of a peer agency and industry review, CCG developed and evaluated technology options for a future fare collection system that would achieve the established objectives. Ultimately, CCG provided Metro Transit with clearly defined procurement options, and an analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of each, which the Metropolitan Council was able to use to determine the best path forward.

Period of Performance: February 2021 to July 2022

Project Responsibilities

  • Understand current system and how it impacts future expansion plans
  • Conduct workshops, capture needs, identify gaps
  • Learn from peer agencies to inform procurement and transition decisions
  • Analyse options to upgrade with current vendor or procure new system
  • Present results and written report

Key Accomplishments

  • Delivered current system assessment report
  • Conducted industry and peer agency review
  • Performed needs assessment and gap analysis
  • Developed future system options and evaluation
  • Provided procurement options evaluation and recommendations
References available upon request.