San Francisco


A vision realized and a responsibility to uphold

Clipper® and C2– Metropolitan Transportation Commission (San Francisco, CA)

The Clipper system rolled out on the last of 27 transit agencies serving the San Francisco Bay Area in early 2017. Our Principal and co-founder, Mr. Trevor Findley, oversaw implementation of the system on the first eight of those agencies, starting back in 2005, and Clevor Consulting Group (CCG) still works to maintain that legacy today. With the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in the process of undertaking a major overhaul to the original Clipper system, CCG is helping the agency accelerate the delivery of next-generation functionality to the public and enable smoother operations by the region’s transit operators.

CCG supported MTC in procurement and planning for the next-generation Clipper (C2) system. We assisted in the evaluation of technical proposals for the integration of emerging technologies and future partners, and led technical negotiations with the selected vendor, resulting in major cost savings to the agency. CCG also supported MTC in the design of the new Clipper mobile app, one of the first in the U.S. to support virtual NFC-based transit cards for Google Wallet and Apple Wallet within a card-based payment system.

Period of Performance: April 2009 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • C2 procurement support
  • Long-term vision definition
  • Strategic planning
  • Real-time communications upgrade plan
  • Mobile strategy development
  • Cost estimation and schedule development
  • Transition planning
  • Clipper mobile app and wallet design and technical support


Key Accomplishments

  • Incremental Improvement Plan delivered and approved by executive leadership
  • Successful negotiations for rollout of communications upgrades and real-time data exchange on vehicles and in stations
  • Advancement of mobile strategy to deliver next-generation payment options
  • Successful launch of state-of-the art NFC-based Clipper card in mobile wallets
References available upon request.