Helping transit in Charm City live up to its name.

CharmCard – Maryland Transportation Authority (Baltimore, MD)

Maryland Transit Authority’s (MTA) fare collection systems are at or near end-of-life. CCG is assisting the MTA with planning, designing, procurement, and implementation of a new account-based fare collection system. CCG developed a comprehensive Concept of Operations that identified existing conditions of the agency and described the next-generation fare collection system’s technical, business, and functional objectives. Our team led the development of a procurement strategy that resulted in a phased deployment plan, carefully aligned to funding and staffing resources.

After conducting detailed requirements gathering workshops, CCG developed five technical specifications and supported the assembly of the procurement packages for the core electronic fare collection system (AFCs), Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), mobile applications, fareboxes, and retail network. CCG supported the technical evaluation of proposals and selection of the core system vendor and will be providing similar procurement support for the other system components. Following the selection of the vendors, CCG will lead the technical design review, testing, and implementation of the new fare system.

Period of Performance: January 2020 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • Draft detailed Concept of Operations
  • Define phased procurement and implementation strategy
  • Develop five technical and functional specifications
  • Assemble RFP packages, including bid sheets and evaluation criteria
  • Support proposal evaluation and vendor selection
  • Provide full design and implementation support

Key Accomplishments

  • Concept of Operations and Procurement Strategy with a phased implementation
  • Robust and innovative set of technical and functional requirements
  • Successful procurement and award process
  • Led first two phases of core system design review
  • Business Rules development
References available upon request.