Enabling the future of the nation’s first major account-based system

Ventra™ – CTA (Chicago, IL)

In 2013, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) launched the Ventra® fare collection system in two years, as a comprehensive account-based system with open payments, with support from Trevor Findley as the technical lead. In 2019 CCG was engaged to support the CTA in a system upgrade to Ventra 3.0 by leading the technical aspects of the contract negotiation, proposing new or modified requirements, and negotiating true open architecture – technically and contractually. This new contract maximized agency benefits and unlocked many innovation possibilities. After the contract execution, CCG was engaged to support the upgrade project by providing API/open architecture review, design document review, and participation in design workshops.

Period of Performance: September 2019 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • Lead technical negotiations for a major expansion to Ventra system (Ventra 3.0)
  • Provide technical advisory services throughout legal and technical negotiations with Cubic
  • Develop critical open architecture approach and technical requirements
  • Oversee necessary revisions to existing technical requirements to support system expansion
  • Negotiate requirements governing the migration of Ventra 3.0 to the cloud
  • Define comprehensive and efficient plan for design, testing and deployment
  • Support design review of new Ventra 3.0 systems

Key Accomplishments

  • Drafted open architecture technical requirements
  • Developed plan for design, testing and deployment
  • Led open architecture contract negotiations
  • Led open architecture design workshops with vendor and agency
  • Supported Ventra 3.0 design review and workshops
References available upon request.