New Jersey


Revolutionizing the foundation of fare collection systems

Fare Collection System Evaluation—New Jersey Transit (New Jersey)

New Jersey Transit (NJT) is evaluating its current fare collection system and operations to determine the best path forward to upgrade its fare collection system. Clevor Consulting Group Inc. (CCG) has been tasked to provide a Current System and Vendor Assessment of NJT’s existing fare collection system, operations, equipment (including fareboxes, fare registers, fare gates), and processes supporting both electronic- and non-electronic-based revenue collection. This task will address the strengths and weaknesses of existing technology and operations and compare the value of the system with other peer agencies. After the assessment has been completed along with the Peer Agency Review and Industry Review, CCG will provide recommendations on how to best enhance the fare collection system. Recommendations on technology, operations, procurement, implementation, and performance monitoring will all be included in the deliverable. For the final task, CCG will work with NJT in developing a Preliminary Procurement Plan where a customized start-to-finish process for writing technical specifications through to the implementation of a new system will be identified and outlined.

Period of Performance: January 2023 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • Current System and Vendor Assessment
  • Peer Agency Review
  • Industry Review
  • Preliminary Procurement Planning

Key Accomplishments

  • Fare collection goals and business objectives
  • Current system and operations assessment report
  • Peer agency review summary
  • Industry comparison of cost and value for delivery of fare collection system
  • High-level procurement plan
  • Executive presentation
References available upon request.