Delivering country-wide customer convenience via world-class technology solutions

Strategic Ticketing Advisory Services – National Transport Authority (Dublin, Ireland)

Delivering Ireland’s largest fare collection technology project requires more than just expanding payment options for bus and rail services — it necessitates reimagining how riders of the future will pay for transport. The National Transport Authority (NTA) is not only looking to modernize the current Leap Card system, and adopt next-generation, account-based payment technology, but also expand use of the system beyond Dublin, to enable seamless travel across the entire country. Careful planning has been crucial to implementing a world-class solution and began with a thorough review of the industry, viable technology alternatives, and lessons learned from peer agencies across the world.

Clevor Consulting Group (CCG) led the worldwide industry review of current ticketing solutions. As part of this effort, CCG conducted a detailed peer review focused on modern mobility trends and emerging technologies. Our team also conducted a detailed vendor SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of over eleven AFC suppliers, spanning both SaaS and non-SaaS solutions, mobile-centric solutions, and mobility as a service/mobility on demand solutions. Our findings were consolidated into a detailed final report and summarized in a briefing deck presented to executives within the agency. CCG also supported the development of technical specifications for a new mobile ticketing solution and assisted NTA in a “pre-mortem” evaluation of the project, identifying potential delivery pitfalls and developing mitigating strategies prior to system procurement.

Period of Performance: April 2018 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • Strategic technology and policy planning
  • Program organizational structure evaluation
  • Contractual advisory services
  • Mobile ticketing specification development
  • Global industry review

Key Accomplishments

  • Recommended new program management organizational structure
  • Delivered mobile ticketing specifications
  • Conducted global industry review
  • Supported program “pre-mortem” exercise
References available upon request.