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A new standard of performance

At Clevor Consulting Group, we support many of the largest and most complex transportation payment projects in the world, but large or small, our commitment to our clients’ success is unwavering. In measuring performance, we set our standards higher, serve as our own biggest critics, and make certain we are the best to deliver the positive impact our clients and the public deserve.

“Clevor Group’s key staff led TriMet through all project phases and successful launch of TriMet’s innovative and comprehensive account-based, open payment fare collection system, delivered on time and under budget. Their knowledge and experience were instrumental in creating an award-winning, world-class fare collection system, and they continue to drive fare innovation at TriMet.”

Dee Brookshire
Executive Director, Finance & Administration, Trimet

“The team at Clevor Consulting Group has been instrumental in guiding HART and the partner agencies in the Tampa Bay region through a challenging fare collection project. They leveraged their extensive expertise to do a rigorous assessment of the program in 2018, and then they focused heavily on mitigating key project risk areas. They have a team of various subject matter experts; information technology, operations, finance, marketing strategy, etc. who are extremely dedicated to provide us with valuable recommendation and support accordingly. Clevor team always carries out tasks with our agency’s best interest in mind. We are impressed by their knowledge of fare collection systems, suppliers, and operations and they are a true pleasure to work with. The regional account-based Flamingo Fares system is a success, and we are grateful for the Clevor Group’s support .”

Lynda Crescentini
Interim CFO, HART