Salt Lake City


Modernizing America’s first Account-Based System with Innovative and Integrated Thinking

Fare System Study – Utah Transit Authority (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) operates more than 700 buses, 100 light rail vehicles and 18 commuter rail locomotives which covers over 1,400 sq-mile service areas and serves more than 80% of the state’s population. With over 44 million trips annually, UTA has a fare system vison for their riders; a simple, convenient, flexible, and seamless transit experience that exceeds customer’s expectations. The UTA developed its own account-based back office fare system to replace Vix as its System Integrator in 2019. CCG led a study to transform UTA’s vison into a roadmap for the next generation of integrated fare collection systems. With deliverables and objectives outlined, workshops were conducted to provide an overview of industry trends focusing on technology. Gaps and inconsistencies were identified and resolved to ensure overall success and alignment to the vision, strategic objectives, current fare policy and current fare structure. Fare collection system options and cost estimates were developed, including whether to upgrade or replace UTA’s back-office.

Period of Performance: January 2021 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • Assess alignment of key stakeholders
  • Current state of fare collection subsystems analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Future system options-upgraded/replacement
  • High-level cost of fare collection analysis
  • High-level capital and operating cost estimates
  • Implementation Plan
  • Final report and project presentation

Key Accomplishments

  • Established goals and objectives
  • Completed a current state of review
  • Conducted an industry review and gap analysis
  • Drafted and evaluated multiple options
  • Provided operating and capital cost estimates
References available upon request.