Demonstrating integrated mobility in Indianapolis for the FTA

Mobility as a Service Platform RFP development—IndyGo (Indianapolis, IN)

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded IndyGo an Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) grant. The “Mobility Concierge Program” is a part technological solution and part customer service solution. The primary objective of the Mobility Concierge Program is to provide a service designed to facilitate trip planning, booking, and payment across multiple modes and service providers using a mobile application. As part of this initiative, the agency hired CCG to provide subject matter expertise in mobility as a service (MaaS) solutions to help the agency develop an RFP package that allows their riders to plan, book, and pay for mobility services within Indianapolis.

CCG is assisting IndyGo in developing project goals and objectives, understanding the capability of the current fare collection system, developing and evaluating integration alternatives, producing integration frameworks for the identified integration options, and generating technical requirements for a demonstration project. Working with agency and external stakeholders, CCG identified two integration approaches and is working to support IndyGo in procuring and implementing a demonstration project.

Period of Performance: July 2021 to December 2023

Project Responsibilities

  • Needs assessment/gap analysis
  • Technical alternatives analysis and evaluation
  • Capital and operating cost estimation
  • Program management
  • System architecture design
  • Fare policy integration
  • Integrated payment platform

Key Accomplishments

  • Provide a recommendation for the protection of PII based on an analysis of state and federal data privacy laws and industry best practices
  • Establish a list of requirements and/or expectations for system acceptance testing
  • Develop RFP package(s) for identified technical solutions

References available upon request.