North Carolina


Delivering a statewide NEMT scheduling solution for streamlined FTA reporting

Statewide Demand Responsive Scheduling Software—NCDOT (North Carolina)

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is looking to streamline transit reporting and provide demand response solution opportunities for all operators by procuring a statewide demand response scheduling software. CCG developed the statewide scheduling RFP, including technical and functional requirements, proposal evaluation, and pricing criteria. With over 97 independent Operators throughout the state, the solution must be flexible in features, functions, and pricing. The scheduling software procurement is a software as a service (SaaS) model focused on providing a baseline functionality with a cafeteria-style menu for larger agencies to add advanced features and functionality as modules. CCG facilitated requirement gathering workshops to understand the core needs required by all interested and participating operators within the state. While the system has standard core scheduling features prominent in demand response and ADA scheduling solutions, additional features include customer-facing mobile applications and websites for self-service reservations and payment. Agencies also requested more modern mobility solutions such as on-demand scheduling and service, integration with onboard cameras, and flexible fixed-route scheduling solutions. CCG worked with NCDOT and agency representatives to deliver a detailed RFP.

Period of Performance: August 2021 to November 2021

Project Responsibilities

  • Needs assessment and requirement gathering workshops
  • Research and outreach to the industry, including peer agencies and vendors
  • Statewide procurement strategy
  • Technical and functional specification development
  • Bid sheets and evaluation criteria development
  • Support RFP development and vendor selection


Key Accomplishments

  • Developed innovative and concise technical and functional requirements
  • Worked with the local university to define detailed data and reporting requirements for the statewide scheduling solution
  • Participated in vendor demonstrations and discussions

References available upon request.