Excellence Begins with Execution

AFC 2.0 Project – Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (Boston, MA)

Replacing one of the most iconic card-based fare collection systems in North America requires extraordinary attention to detail. The MBTA is forging ahead with a new account-based, open-loop payment system that will shift full operational responsibility to their selected AFC vendor (Cubic Transportation Systems), while maintaining tight fiscal controls over agency revenue. The system will accept MIFARE-based smart cards, contactless EMV, and mobile wallet payments, and include a robust, fully auditable, and fully integrated financial management, clearing, and settlement system. This project will bring the latest features and functionality to one of the oldest transit systems in the United States. CCG is the MBTA’s prime technical consultant for the design and implementation of the AFC 2.0 system. Our responsibilities include ensuring that the delivered system is fully auditable, secure, and meets all agency needs, contractual requirements, and performance metrics.

Furthermore, CCG developed a financial audit plan for the solution and contributed to the design of all major system components, including readers and fare cards, customer service interfaces, financial management and accounting systems, and the automated monitoring system. The MBTA has also awarded CCG the contract to manage the interoperability project between Cubic and the MBTA’s incumbent AFC vendor, Scheidt & Bachmann, which will enable the new AFC 2.0 devices to process taps from legacy fare media. CCG is responsible for ensuring that the technical deliverables are supplied by both vendors per the agreed schedule and the integrated solution meets the mutually accepted design. The MBTA has also entrusted CCG with managing the quality assurance of the project and CCG is developing the overall test plan to ensure compliance with all functional and performance requirements.

Period of Performance: August 2020 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • Revenue Assurance
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Business Rules Implementation
  • Mobile App Design
  • Card Reader Inspection and Testing
  • Structured Risk Analysis
  • Financial Management and Controls Design
  • Strategic Guidance
  • System Planning and Execution

Key Accomplishments

  • Revenue Assurance Review
  • Design Review of System Components
  • Information Security Review
  • Reader Inspection and Report
  • Test Plan Review
  • Vendor Compliance Demonstration Witnessing
  • Fare Inspection Industry Report
  • All-Door Boarding Gap Analysis
References available upon request.