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Leap Card – NTA (Ireland)

Leading Ireland’s largest fare collection technology project requires more than just system updates of bus and rail services — it necessitates reimagining how riders of the future will pay their fares. NTA is modernizing its current Leap Card to a next-generation account-based fare collection system to better serve all rider needs. Careful planning is crucial to implementing a best-in-class solution, and it begins with a careful review of viable alternatives. CCG is providing a world-wide industry review of current ticketing solutions to assist the NTA with fully exploring options.

Period of Performance: April 2018 to Present

Project Responsibilities

  • Strategic and policy planning
  • Program management structure recommendations
  • Technical and contractual advisory services
  • Mobile ticketing technical specification development
  • Global industry review

Key Accomplishments

  • New program management organizational structure
  • Mobile ticketing specifications
  • Global industry review underway
References available upon request.